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Aluminium & Steel Cutting Machinery :-

Ameya Perfomatt is the Leading Supplier and Solution provider for Aluminium & Steel Cutting Machines. Ameya has partnered with Emmegi, which is a world leading player and reference point in the sector of machining systems for aluminium profiles, light alloy, PVC and iron. There is just work, passion, dedication, skill, professionalism, research, investments and the capability for analysis combined with an innovative spirit. Ameya is a customer-oriented company. We all work with constant dedication to anticipate our customers' requirements, create hi-tech, high-performance, and reliable solutions, and recommend the best manufacturing options. Moreover, our timely and skilled After-Sales Service will always guarantee the availability of products and services.

Product Range :-

Quadra L1

CNC 12-axis machining centre, designed to perform milling, drilling and cutting operations aluminium and light alloys in general. QUADRA L1 is made up of an automatic tool magazine and a thrust feed system for profi les sized up to 7500 mm complete with profi le clamping gripper drive. Due to the movement of the collet, the feeder returns to its initial position thus allowing the loader to prepare the next profi le at the same time. In the central part are situated the milling module and the cutting module.

Phantomatic X4

Machining centre CNC with 4 controlled axes, used for the working of bars or aluminium, PVC, light alloys in general and steel pieces up to 2 mm. Automatically positioned clamp unit. It has a 4 or an 8 place (optional) tools storage, with the possibility of hosting 2 angular units and one milling disc, to perform machining on the 5 sides of the piece. Machines bars up to 4 m in length. The 4th CN axis allows the electro spindle to continuously rotate to from 0° to 180° to perform the work on the profi le edge. It also has a mobile work surface that facilitates the piece loading/ unloading operation and signifi cantly increases the workable section.

Classic Magic

Electronic double-head cutting off machine with automatic movement of the mobile head through a C.C. motor controlled by numerical control. Pneumatic management of all angles up to 22°30’ (external). 450 and 500 mm-blade. Available with a useful cut of 4, 5, 6 m in length.

Automatica E

Single-head, rising blade cutting-off machine with automatic cycle only for 90° cutting, equipped with N/C electric bar feeder with positioning tolerance in cutting down to ± 0,05 mm and automatic separating system for cut workpiece.

Lilliput 350 A Inso

Horizontal end milling machine with electropneumatic feed and automatic machining cycle. Milling of intermediate angles, +45° / 90° / -45°. Variable speed of tool rotation with electronic inverter for improved quality machining on painted profiles and at intermediate angles. Quick cutter change with pneumatic control. Scratch-proof work table. Fully guarded and sounddamped work zone. The automatically operated sound-damped tunnel (L=1.100 or 2.000 mm) reduces the noise level emitted by the machine down to about 75 dB (only in mitre milling at 90°). The self-tilting indexing stop cancels contact between the stop and the workpiece during feed forward.

Copia 384 S

Single-head copy router with 2 NC axes. Copy router with 2 controlled axes, ideal for machining aluminium profiles, PVC and steel up to 2 mm, possibility of machining stainless steel (optional). The work cycle is managed by intuitive software which guides the operator through simple instructions on the touch screen display. The USB connection allows easy connection to the PC. The 4-faced rotary work table allows increasing working speed and precision. It also allows using shorter tools thus limiting to a minimum passing machining which causes vibrations and noise. Quick tool change ISO 30. Work area with pneumatic control protection.

For technical information including Material Safety Datasheets or Technical Datasheet please contact us at

+91 265 6196600-66 or Email us at corporate@ameyaindia.com

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