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Silicones For Various Industrial Applications :-

Ameya Perfomatt is the Leading Supplier and Solution provider for Silicones. Ameya uses its technology portfolio to deliver tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers around the world. Ameya supplies different silicone formulations engineered from a variety of raw materials. Major applicable industry segments are personal care, paints & coatings, pressure sensitive tapes, process industries in general, deodorants market, textile formulators & textiles, Creams, lotions, shampoos etc.

Applicable Industry Segments :-

Personal Care

Our products for the Personal Care industry can help formulators create softer, silkier lotions, more efficient shampoos and conditioners, drier antiperspirants, more spreadable sunscreens and brighter, smoother color cosmetics.

Paints & Coatings

Our coating resins are formulated to meet or exceed the demands of harsh conditions, like high humidity or extreme temperatures and widely varying substrates, from metal to wood to flexible plastics.

Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Wide temperature range performance, maintains good shear and tack properties at intermittent temperatures up to 550'F. Adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces including low energy surfaces (silicones, fluoropolymers, polyolefines.


Silcones fluids are used in pharmaceutical industries as a Di electric fluid for Different High Temperature applications. Silcones fluids are used in pharmaceutical industries as a Di electric fluid for Different High Temperature applications.


We supplies the materials necessary for our industry partners to make the filtration systems, insulation, fabrics, moldings and felts that quiet our world, carry a load, protect our skin and reduce vibration.


Outstanding durability, flexibility, and movement capability are fundamental to the high performance of GE sealants. In new and remedial applications, our team provides knowledge and comprehensive support to help ensure a project is successful.

For technical information including Material Safety Datasheets or Technical Datasheet please contact us at

+91 265 6196600-66 or Email us at corporate@ameyaindia.com

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